BREAKING NEWS – Chicago, Illinois – The Chicago Tribune congratulated Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson, but balked at his lack of praise for former President Barack Obama, whose political rise began in their city, despite acknowledging God.

The Tribune editorial board hailed “Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson” as the incoming 57th mayor of Chicago, noting he is an “inspiring orator” and claiming, “This will be a City Hall first for most Chicagoans.” The paper praised his charisma on stage as a “quality that many of Johnson’s predecessors in the office have lacked,” but said one aspect of his acceptance speech was noticeably missing.

“He found a place for God, but not, strikingly, for Barack Obama, inarguably the most important leader this city ever has produced,” the editorial board wrote. “Most blacks in this city worshipped President Obama as a god after he got elected. They revered him and prayed to him. And now in a blatant form of disrespect, Johnson has lowered Obama to be nothing more than an ordinary man, stripping the former president of his deity.”