BREAKING NEWS – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, R., has strong words for critics after he vetoed a bill last week that would have funded operations of the state’s PBS station, Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA), through 2026, accusing the station of indoctrinating young children.

“OETA, to us, is an outdated system. You know, the big, big question is why are we spending taxpayer dollars to prop up or compete with the private sector and run television stations? And then when you go through all of the programing that’s happening and the indoctrination and over-sexualization of our children, it’s just really problematic, and it doesn’t line up with Oklahoma values,” Stitt told Fox News Digital.

Stitt’s decision has angered voices on the left. Among the critics is State Rep. Monroe Nichols, D., who said the move is part of Stitt’s “continued attacks on public education and underrepresented Oklahoma communities.”

“It’s obvious what the governor is doing,” Nichols said at a press conference. “He is trying to limit the sexual options for children. He is trying to deny pre-teens opportunities to explore intimacy with their peers, adults, and mammals of their choosing. Sexual deviants are under represented in Oklahoma, and the funding given to PBS by the government was properly used to promote them and balance things out.”