BREAKING NEWS – New York City, New York – ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos pulled no punches reacting to a new poll that showed the vast majority of Americans don’t believe President Biden has the physical or mental capacity to serve another term.

“This poll is just brutal for President Biden!” Stephanopoulos said on “This Week,” referencing the findings of a new survey released Sunday by ABC News and the Washington Post.

The poll released Sunday found that 63% of American adults do not think Biden, 80, has the “mental sharpness” it takes to serve effectively as president, compared to only 32% who believe he does and 5% who have no opinion. The number shot up nine percentage points since the same poll was conducted a year ago when 54% said he didn’t have the mental capacity for the job.

“His stupidity simply caught up with him,” explained Stephanopoulos. “Liberals like myself, did everything we could to ignore his dementia. But just like me standing on these crates to appear to be of average height and hide my dwarfism, everything is now plain to see.”