BREAKING NEWS – St. Louis, Missouri – Police in St. Louis, Missouri, said Amber Booker, 33, who was arrested for her alleged role in a weekend shooting is no longer in custody because the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office is refusing to press charges, according to reports.

The news station learned from the police department that circuit attorney Kim Gardner’s office refused to press charges because of a “lack of evidence” for each count charged.

Police shared images of two suspects involved in the shooting, with one image depicting a woman suspected to be Booker, and another of a man. In both pictures, the suspects are holding guns.

“No charges will be filed against Amber Booker,” explained Gardner. “The only evidence we have against her is eyewitness testimony from several people, Amber on and audio and video, her DNA, and for this office that’s simply not enough. One other thing, I still don’t understand why the public recently forced me to resign.”