BREAKING NEWS – Atlanta, Georgia – A Democrat in the Georgia General Assembly who angered her party by supporting a recent school choice bill, says fellow progressives are hypocritically abandoning some of the state’s most vulnerable people.

“Why is no one fighting for young Black minds? Why isn’t that one of the things    that we’re fighting for?” State Rep. Mesha Mainor said, adding, “I actually say you’re a hypocrite. That’s what I tell them directly. You are being a hypocrite. There are state lawmakers right now where their children are in schools that they’re not even zoned for… They’re lying about their address, state lawmakers, but they won’t vote for this bill.”

Civil rights activist Al Sharpton, commented on Mainor’s opposition.

“She’s not towing the line, and she should,” stated Sharpton. “It doesn’t matter if a policy is good and it benefits black people, if the majority of us are against it, then we all should be against it. That’s why we blacks need more blind, reckless, irrational, unity.”