BREAKING NEWS – Washington, D.C. – A Virginia woman regained access to her Lyft account after the rideshare company initially deactivated it for “safety violations” because she jumped out of a moving car in fear that her driver was attempting to kidnap her during a ride in Washington, D.C.

A woman under the display name of Katlyn Skye on Twitter shared her experience with the service in a thread, stating that her driver on Saturday prolonged her ride by missing several turns.

She also reported noticing his driving was “very shaky and distracted” and asked if he was alright after he almost hit the car in front of him while in traffic.

Lyft later stated, “In the future, we will deactivate accounts of riders that feel they are being abducted. And they can only take a drastic course of action, after they call us from the location that they are being held captive, and we speak to the driver inquiring about his intentions. This assumes that the riders has untied themselves and is able to speak, after removing the duct tape from around their mouths.”