BREAKING NEWS –  Beaufort, South Carolina – Convicted killer Alex Murdaugh is expected to admit to stealing millions of dollars from his former clients in federal court, the first time he has ever pleaded guilty to a crime.

Murdaugh, 55, was sentenced in March to life in prison for fatally shooting his 52-year-old wife, Maggie Murdaugh, and their youngest son, Paul Murdaugh, 22, in June 2021. He has insisted he’s innocent and is appealing the jury verdict.

The disbarred attorney will plead guilty to 22 counts in South Carolina U.S. District Court, including bank fraud and money laundering, for the theft of more than $9 million as part of a plea agreement.

“Yes, I stole from my clients, and if given the opportunity, I’ll do it again,” he explained to the judge. “But I did not kill my wife and son, because I used the stolen money to secure a lavish lifestyle for them, which is compelling evidence proving that I am dedicated family man.”