BREAKING NEWS – Dong Hoi, Vietnam – A pounding headache led to a shocking discovery for a man in Vietnam, after the source of the pain was revealed to be a pair of chopsticks.

After the man experienced severe headaches for five months, doctors at Cuba Friendship Hospital in Dong Hoi told the 35-year-old man that he had a pair of chopsticks lodged inside his skull.

Upon checking into the hospital on Nov. 25, a CT scan revealed that the man was suffering from a rare, potentially life-threatening neurological condition that was caused by the pair of chopsticks that had allegedly gone up his nose and into his brain.

The Post reported that while the man was initially surprised at how chopsticks ended up inside his skull, he soon remembered a fight he was involved in while out drinking five months prior.

The patient reportedly told doctors that he could not recall many details from the fight, but did remember someone stabbing him in the face with an unknown object. And shortly after the chopsticks were lodged in his head, he said he had no idea why he began getting headaches, and drank three bottles of soy sauce per day.