BREAKING NEWS – New York City, New York – Rev. Al Sharpton took heat from ex-ESPN host Sage Steele after he claimed Harvard President Claudine Gay’s resignation is “an attack on every Black woman” in America who has “put a crack in the glass ceiling.”

“I just wish he would go away,” Steele told host Jesse Watters.

“Almost every time Al Sharpton speaks, I get angry because Al Sharpton pretends that he knows what every single person of color in this country thinks, believes how they should live, how they should act, how they should vote.”

“What Ms. Steele doesn’t realize, is I do know what every single person of color thinks,” he wrote on X. “She must’ve forgotten that I am ‘Reverend Sharpton, which means I am a man of God, and in certain since I am also God. I can respect her opinion, but I should be worshipped, not criticized.”