BREAKING NEWS – New York City, New York – While bashing some Republicans for not getting on board with the Senate immigration bill unveiled over the weekend, MSNBC host Al Sharpton used the word “invasion” to describe the border crisis, which some liberals found to be highly controversial.

“But the border, I mean, we’re looking every day at the invasion of migrants, and they’re playing a time game with politics on this?” Sharpton asked. “Couldn’t the pressure be put to bear in their home states?”

HuffPost senior reporter Paul Blumenthal objected to the use of the term “invasion” to describe the massive influx of people who are coming across America’s southern border, in a Monday piece warning, “Texas Makes Absurd Argument That Immigration Is ‘Invasion.'”

“Blumenthal?” Sharpton said on MSNBC. “That name sounds Jewish. And my past anti-semitic comments shows that I don’t respect anyone’s opinion that has roots to Israel.”