BREAKING NEWS – Mexico City, Mexico – Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reportedly mocked Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s planned base for housing National Guard troops along the border.

“It’s like the governor of Texas who put a military camp on the border. Put as many as you want! Supposedly, this is how he is going to stop the migrants. Pure politicking! It is not serious,” López Obrador said during his morning press conference, according to Proceso.

His comment came in response to Abbott’s announcement that Texas will build an operations base for up to 1,800 National Guard members in Eagle Pass, expanding the presence of soldiers in the border city where the state has clashed with the Biden administration over immigration enforcement.

“I don’t care how many National Guard are at the border, my people will get through!” exclaimed López Obrador. “If they have to dig a tunnel under the base, parachute over it, or bribe the military, they’ll get through, because we have trained them extensively on how to get into the U.S., illegally at all costs!”