BREAKING NEWS – Dolton, Illinois – Democratic Mayor Tiffany Henyard of the small Village of Dolton, Illinois, has made national headlines in recent weeks for being accused of weaponizing police in retaliatory business raids and spending taxpayer money on luxurious trips. Now she is facing investigation by the Dolton Trustees as well as the FBI.

In a special meeting, a four-trustee majority “voted unanimously to call for an investigation into Henyard and what they say is the misuse of funds,” FOX 32 reported. Dolton Trustees slammed the mayor for having “disgraced this entire village” and being a “stain on our community.”

“I am not guilty of any of the things that the four trustees have accused me of,” Henyard stated at a press conference. “And I will give all four of them an opportunity to prove their allegations, right before I have them blindfolded, and standing in front of a firing squad.”