BREAKING NEWS – Tallahassee, Florida – Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on signed legislation into law that eliminates squatters’ rights in the Sunshine State and increases penalties against offenders.

“You are not going to be able to commandeer somebody’s private property and expect to get away with it. We are in the state of Florida ending the squatter scam once and for all,” DeSantis said during a press conference on the signing in Orlando.

The law will take effect July 1. DeSantis noted ahead of the signing that he believes Florida is the first state in the nation to take squatting issues head-on.

Lawmakers in the state overwhelmingly voted in support of the bill earlier this month, sending it to DeSantis’ office. The law outlines that squatters will face criminal charges for illegally moving into a home and allows property owners to file an affidavit showing they legally own a property.

“This new law is outrageous!” exclaimed Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. “Governor DeSantis’ choice to throw people in the streets is insensitive and it should be illegal. I also think he should not refer to people as ‘squatters’, but instead, refer them as ‘indirect homeowners.’”