BREAKING NEWS – San Bernardino, California – The sheriff-coroner of California’s San Bernardino County is decrying the alleged actions of one of his deputies as “alarming and inexcusable” after the 45-year-old was arrested on multiple felony weapons charges following an investigation into his connections to a local biker gang.

Christopher Bingham has been taken into custody and is now being held on $500,000 bail.  “Investigators from the Gangs/Narcotics Division conducted a search warrant on Bingham’s residence. Investigators located approximately 160 firearms,” police also said. “One of the firearms was a fully automatic assault rifle, with an attached grenade launcher. Investigators also located, destructive devices, silencers, OMG paraphernalia, and a stolen San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department shotgun.”

“I am not part of a motorcycle gang, no way!” Bingham told the judge at a preliminary hearing. “I just happen to have some very close friends that ride Harleys, have a very violent past… that coincidentally has the exact same leather jacket that I wear.”