Anne Graham Lotz: A prayer for future generations

“God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,

You have been our dwelling place through­out the generations. Your faithfulness, Your fame, Your promises, Your covenant, Your authority, Your glory con­tinue year after year, decade after decade, century after century, millennium after millennium. You have not changed since the beginning.

Your Word is forever set­tled. Not one jot or tittle, not one punctuation mark, will pass away until all is fulfilled.

What You say is so. You say what You mean and mean what You say. You are the foun­dation on which all life that lasts is built.

Fear of You is the beginning of knowledge. Obedience to You brings bless­ing. Disobedience to You invites disaster.

As I consider my generation—and the ones that follow—I am appalled. We are in a spiritual and moral free fall. A great darkness of lies, unbelief, ignorance, and evil covers the world.

People are living as though You do not exist. I shudder to think of what future generations will face, the generations of my children and grandchildren. Unless they rebuild the foundation of authentic faith, our nation will crumble. It is crumbling now. In the midst of political turmoil, racial division, social upheaval, financial uncertainty, virus pandemics, and worldwide chaos, I earnestly pray for my children and grandchildren.

I pray that they would be lights in the thick moral and spiritual darkness. I pray that they would love Your Word and fully obey You and therefore be blessed in their homes and families, in their businesses and careers, in their neighborhoods and their cities.

I pray that You would fill them with the knowledge of Your will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding.

I pray that they would live lives worthy of You, pleasing You in every way as they bear much eternal fruit so when they see You, they receive Your reward.

I pray that You would give them the Spirit of wisdom and revelation so they grow in their knowledge of and relationship with You and grow in their godly character.

I pray that they would be strengthened with all power according to Your glorious might so they may have great endurance to live in an increasingly godless society.

I pray that they would always be mindful of Your blessings so they live with joyful gratitude, re­gardless of the curveballs life throws at them.

I pray that the eyes of their hearts would be en­lightened to know the hope of Heaven so they are passionate about living with You then and for You now.

I pray that they would have a rich grasp of the heri­tage entrusted to them, using it for Your glory and not their own gain.

I pray that they would be filled with Your Spirit and therefore bold in their witness, never ashamed to give testimony about You and Your gospel.

I pray that they would refuse to be enticed by the love of money and material things but would in­stead pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness.

I pray that they would be wise about what is good while being innocent about what is evil.

I pray that they would place a higher value on pu­rity than on popularity.

Redeem my parenting mistakes and failures. Help my children and grandchildren overcome the consequences of my sins. Keep them from falling away from You into sin. I long to see them one day presented before Your glorious presence without fault and with great joy.

On that day, I will humbly bow and worship You for Your goodness, grace, and faithfulness to all generations.

For the glory of Your great name—Jesus,