I held my hands next to a lantern as I sat alone in a tent high in the Himalayas. The elevation where I camped was around 10,000 feet. It was cold and silent. As I continued to warm myself, I heard something outside that sounded like grumbling. I immediately picked up my video camera and left the tent. After I heard it a second time, I walked toward the cliff that seemed to be the source of the sound. When I looked over the edge, I saw what I came to film… the Abominable Snowman.

There were five of them about forty feet below me. I laid down on my stomach, turned on my camera and started to film them. They were real and now I had the proof. Each creature appeared to be around nine feet tall, with snow white shaggy fur, and I estimated weighed around 800 pounds. For some reason, they were all on their knees in a tight circle and I couldn’t see what they were doing. I thought they were eating or involved in some sort of ritual. After I tried to get a better angle to see what they were doing, I slid forward and fell off the cliff – right in the middle of them. As soon as I hit the ground, I saw it was not a meal or a ritual… it was a dice game.

Because when I fell, I broke my camera and ruined the film, people have told me my story is too fantastic to be believed. But I take comfort in knowing that it really happened… and before that night was over winning almost $400.00.