COMMENTARY: I totally believe that women with no children should only date men with no children. This gives them more quality time together. Time to get to know and understand each other. Time to take walks in the park holding hands on autumn afternoons, glaring into each other’s eyes. Time to get into drunken brawls that gets one if not both of them locked up in jail. Time to repeatedly tell that loser that it’s over. Time to go to the police and request a restraining order. Time to change locks on doors, and sleep with loaded guns under their pillows to ensure their safety/survival. Time to get a good criminal defense lawyer for trying to strangle their ex, after waking up in the middle of the night and seeing them sitting at the foot of their bed mumbling something to themselves after they broke in through a window. With kids involved, they may have to stay past their bedtime on a school night dealing with the drama. Education is important! (Hopefully, some of this made sense even though I’m guessing that most of it probably didn’t).