For me it’s simple, we should IMMEDIATELY close down all grammar schools and high schools and stop wasting the taxpayers money. The classes being offered are pointless, such as:

MATH – we have calculators so why bother.

HISTORY – we can all agree that most of it happened in the past (I think) and we can’t change it, so why bother talking about it.

ENGLISH – if you can speak it well enough for someone to understand you, no courses are necessary.

SCIENCE – only Asian people are good at this.

My point is, the government should be promptly divert money from the wasteful, pointless educational system, and apply it to something more practical, like renovating some of these raggedy pool halls, and to maintain more efficiently some of the public basketball courts. I hope this shows some of my critics, that I can be serious in regards to important political issues of the day.

One Reply to “Wacky Weekend Questions – What do you think should be done about the pathetic educational system in this country?”

  1. I would retain the existing educational system with a few changes:

    1)Change government funding so that it varies inversely with the average income of the families of the students served by a given school. This way, schools in poorer areas of the country would get increased funding.

    2)Assign a date in the future — say 2012-SEP-01 when existing school classes in all public high schools are to be shrunk down from 5 days a week to 4. Then assign a series of courses to the 5th day, called “Life Classes.” Classes would include extensive education in comparative religion; how to start and maintain a relationship; comprehensive sex-ed including disease prevention, birth control, sexual orientation, gender identity; responsibilities as a citizen; how to raise children, budgets, community information, etc.

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