BREAKING NEWS – BREAKING NEWS – Bristol, Connecticut – ESPN‘s handling of its latest controversy offers fresh evidence that the network will punish employees for expressing conservative views while liberal staffers are given a pass – regardless of how it impacts the company’s bottom line. The company offered a mild reprimand of anchor Jemele Hill after she called President Trump a “white supremacist” in a tweet. But conservatives at the network have been punished or even fired for speaking their minds. Hill stated in a tweet, “I am black and a female, so this network had better do little nothing to me, no matter what I say or do.” In a following tweet, she stated, “There are plenty of civil rights attorneys that will sue the pants off of this network on my behalf, if ESPN attempts to hold me accountable for my actions.” ESPN responded to the tweets, by saying, “We are currently considering our options, with the knowledge that all of her white co-workers are fully aware that it doesn’t take much to set this lady off.”