Dear Blake,

I usually don’t let things bother me, but I sent my phone number about a week ago (via Messenger) to several friends I have known most, if not all, of my life. Due to various circumstances, until recently I hadn’t seen them in a long time. Everyone received it; not a single one sent me back theirs. I thought our reconnecting went well. I know several of them stay in touch with each other. I’m not sure how to feel about this other than a bit rejected.

Signed, Savina
From Oakland, California

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Dear Savina,

I think it’s weird that no one reached out to you. Is it possible that you in the past had some very undesirable characteristics that has now caused the collective snub? Here are some possibilities. Were you the type of person that regularly borrowed money from your friends, and was efficient at dodging them when it was time to pay them back? Were you really attractive and conceited back then, and your friends are regularly meeting, praying that you eventually become a homeless bag lady? Do you have the reputation of being a thief? If that’s the case, they may not want to embarrass you by having to frisk you before and after any social gathering, to ensure you didn’t remove any of their watches or wedding rings.  And lastly, it could be a safety issue. It could simply be you are a very boring person, and listening to your voice can cause people to get drowsy. Thus they are concerned about you calling them while they’re driving. I hope this helps.