Ask Blake Picture111

Dear Blake,

I am about to start my senior year in high school and I’m considering my options regarding going to college. Should I go or not? What are the pros and cons as you see it?

Signed, Denny
From Dover, Delaware

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Dear Denny,

It’s good to see our youth seriously ponder their future. Ok, as far as going to college or possibly wanting to Study Abroad, the majority of the student nowadays that graduate from higher learning, are so far in debt that they often suicidal, or at least consider having their parents bumped off for putting them in such an awful financial predicament. Quite a few of them try to default on the loan, or create some well thought out scheme to hide their income to avoid repaying it, which makes them well educated crooks. On the other hand, not going to college avoids a massive debt, but many employers think college graduates are often pretty stupid, and put people with just high school diplomas in the idiot realm that probably cheated on most of their exams to stumble out of school with the standard minimum. With that being said regarding both choices, here is the good news. The job market is so bad out there, that you should not make any plans to move out of your parents house until you’re at least 40, unless you inherit the home, if you are fortunate enough that your family tree suggests that due to genetic flaws, your mom and dad have less than average life expectancies. I hope this helps.