Ask Blake Picture111

Dear Blake,

My husband has the worst smelling feet in the world! Within a couple of minutes of him taking his shoes off, an entire room smells so bad, that I have to spray an entire can of Glade, and follow that up with some incense. Please give me some advice, because I am getting desperate!

Signed, Velma

from Montreal, Quebec

* * * * * * * *

Dear Velma,

That sounds a medical issue that may require a visit to a doctor. If he refuses to make an appointment, have him soak his feet daily in a large pan of warm water, and give him a sedative so he’ll get drowsy. But before you do that, order about a dozen piranha from a pet store that’s near the Amazon River in South America. While your husband is sleeping, put them all in the water. Then sit back and watch them remove any fungus from his feet, along with all of his toes and flesh in that area. Keep in mind when the piranha are done, you’ll have to spend money buying him some new pairs of shoes, because his feet will be a minimum of one size smaller. I hope this helps.