Ask Blake Picture111

Dear Blake,

I have been married five times, and I’m currently engaged again. I have no idea why I keep through this. I’d still be with the same man, if they ever learned to follow my instructions. They act like they’re trained, until after they say “I do”. Apparently I am terrible at picking men, since I always choose a loser. What’s your thoughts on this matter?

Signed, Marianne

from San Jose, California

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Dear Marianne,

Marriage is hard work, and both people have to continuously give their all. But you’ve done it five times? What do you have, a “wash and wear” wedding dress? You said that you want them to follow your instructions after you trained them. Based on that, you shouldn’t be a wife, you should be a lion tamer at a circus. However, I do think you were too critical of yourself, when you said you are terrible at picking men. I don’t think you always pick a loser, but apparently your ex-husbands do. I hope this helps.