Ask Blake Picture111

Dear Blake,

I have a four year old son that flies with me regularly. When we get on a plane, he’ll cry non-stop unless he gets his way. Other passengers get visibly upset with his behavior, even though I try to explain to them that this is what 4 year olds do, so it’s no big deal. What’s your thoughts on this matter?

Signed, Delores

San Diego, California

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Dear Delores,

Kids that age seem to always be on the move, just like the Energizer Bunny. But, when people are already irritated that they had to pay those jacked up air fares, they understandably get even more hostile having to listen to your out of control little brat. Does he really have to travel with you? Consider keeping that miniature tyrant at home, or at least inquire if you can check him as baggage, so no one can hear him as he throws hit usual fits surrounded by luggage and other cargo. Or even have a scary movie on a laptop that he has to watch and listen to, that will suggest that all of the passengers are zombies, and will devour him if he makes any outbursts. However, if you have to take him with you when you travel, try Greyhound. At least then if your child misbehaves, the bus driver can you put you two out. I’m guessing your son will quickly learn his lesson, after being dropped off in a war torn rough neighborhood in any number of U.S. big cities. I hope this helps.