Dear Blake,

My wife of 38 years passed away a year and a half ago. My ex-wife, to whom I was married for 14 years, and who is the mother of our adult kids, is single again after four failed marriages. She’s making overtures about getting together again. She is assertive, likes to spend and was very jealous.

At my age, I could use the help, but it would require selling my house and moving several states away. She’s really pushing, but I’m just not sure. It would be nice to have someone around because I am lonely. She is a neat lady, but I just don’t know.

Signed, Mitchell
Form Corpus Christi, Texas

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Dear Mitchell,

If she is so neat, then why aren’t you still married to her? The way you described her made me nervous, even as I read about the possible manipulative sociopath that you are considering reconnecting with. Here are some ideas and thoughts I feel compelled to share with you. Why would you want get involved with someone that has been married four times? It sounds to me like she has a wash and wear wedding dress. Try to locate her other three husbands. If none of them are alive and died under suspicious circumstances, consider yourself as a very fortunate survivor and don’t push your luck! You can also discover what kind of woman she is now, by finding out if any of her former husbands have been seriously maimed at her hands, filed restraining orders against her, or changed their names and went into hiding. However, if you feel this relationship can work, then go for it and tie the knot again. And just in case she’s a cunning violent lunatic, say your prayers every night, because the next time you open your eyes, you might be standing in front of God, as He stares at the bullet holes in your chest. I hope this helps.