Part 2 of 5 of government waste created by ultra-liberal politicians (state by state)

Tennessee – $4,725,000 to institutionalize all the people who are still having Elvis sightings.

New Jersey – $3,000,000 to determine how much Glade it will take to make the state smell better. 

California – $4,100,000 on why it is such a magnet for weirdos.

Washington (state) – Because of the relentless rain, $520,000 to determine if the moss that grows on most of it’s people’s forehead, is a health risk.

Alabama – $835,000 spent on trying to convince the people that the north won the Civil War.

Maryland – $5,700,000 used to put cameras on the western border of the state, to monitor any amassing  large crowds that are considering marching into Washington, D.C., and physically throwing out all of the elected crooks and con artists.

Utah – $2,900,000 on mental health costs for polygamists, to determine if a man who wants more than one wife should be declared legally insane.

Wisconsin – $2,200,000 to determine if wearing cheese on your head kills brain cells.

Ohio – $450,000 to determine why Cleveland has the sorriest professional sports franchises in U.S. history. 

Kentucky  – $640,000 trying to determine what does the average resident prefer, drinking moonshine or playing the banjo.