BREAKING NEWS – Washington, D.C. – Former Secretary of State Colin Powell is pushing back on Hillary Clinton’s reported claims that he advised her to use a personal email account — telling reporters that the Democratic presidential nominee is trying to “pin” the scandal on him. The New York Times reported last week that Clinton told the FBI that Powell detailed to her his email practices under George W. Bush. The paper cited a passage from an coming book about Bill Clinton’s post-presidency that read, “Powell told her to use her own email, as he had done, except for classified communications, which he had sent and received via a State Department computer.” In response to Powell’s comment, Clinton said, “I am surprised that he contradicted me. I was under the impression that blacks would back me up as a democrat no matter what I said, which is the way it’s been for almost 50 years. Apparently Powell either doesn’t know history, or has no respect for traditions.”