BREAKING NEWS – Los Angeles, California – When LaVar Ball the father of suspended UCLA player LiAngelo Ball spoke to CNN’s Chris Cuomo, he questioned President Trump’s role in getting his son freed from China. “I don’t have to go around saying thank you to everybody”, he explained. He went on to question President’s Trump’s motive. “I personally believe the real reason why he got them out of there, because he knew my son would’ve orchestrated an escape, leading the other two boys to freedom out of that country. More than likely, the three boys would’ve made it to the cost of China, lead by my son, built a raft, headed back to the USA, and would be here by now. A lot of people may say I’m crazy, but if they watch the end of the movie ‘Escape from Alactraz’, they will see it could’ve easily been done. Thank Trump? For what? His intervention has denied my son his ‘General Patton-like glory’ of making it to the shores of California without anyone’s help, and for that reason alone I will never thank the President!”