BREAKING NEWS – Annandale, Virginia – Hillary Clinton’s former 2016 running mate Senator Tim Kaine, attempted an intervention after the Former Secretary of State gave a speech at the Ernst Community Cultural Center. “She’s crazy! She is as nutty as a fruitcake,” Kaine said in an interview later in the day. “I see some of the things she’s says on tv, that leaves little doubt she is legally insane.” According to several witnesses, Kaine lept onto the stage, aggressively grabbing Clinton by the wrist and said, “Now listen up Madame Secretary, you’re coming with me!” That’s when four Secret Service agents rushed across the stage, with two of them asking Kaine what he was doing, while the other two were going to assist him in loading her into a nearby van where she would be heavily medicated. That’s when a tug-of-war broke out between the four agents, with two of them pulling Clinton toward the van, and two of them trying to hold her back. Kaine concluded in the interview stating, “Bill won’t do anything about her emotional instability, because he wants it to go on long enough, so the public will see she is mentally ill, and demand that she gets institutionalized. And then he’ll moved to Utah, embrace Mormonism and polygamy, and then marry multiple women that he plans to cheat on.”