BREAKING NEWS -Buffalo, New York – The Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, New York, is firing back at a former assistant-turned-whistleblower who says Bishop Richard Malone should resign over his response to reports of clergy sexual misconduct. Siobhan O’Connor who worked closely with Malone as his executive assistant for three years, secretly copied and leaked confidential files she says show he allowed an accused priest to remain on the job and excluded dozens of others from a list of problematic priests released publicly this year. The hundreds of pages she uncovered included personnel files and memos. Last week, she spoke with the FBI.

“She unfairly emphasizes the fact that the priests are pedophiles, without acknowledging the large amount of children they could have molested, but didn’t, even though they wanted to. The numbers are on our side,” explained Malone.

Pope Francis I took it one step further during mass at the Vatican, getting thousands of people to angrily chant to all boys that plans on accusing a priest of sexual abuse, “Tattle tales will burn in hell!”