BREAKING NEWS – Dallas, Texas – Despite the fact that politicians like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have made it a point to call out the top 0.1%, not everyone agrees with their philosophies. Billionaire Mark Cuban implied that had they been as successful as him, they might not have as much to say about the ultra-wealthy. “Bernie Sanders has a book business, you know, Elizabeth Warren buys and sells houses — or did,” Cuban said. “If they would have had the level of success that I and others have had, I don’t think they’d be complaining as much.” He is likely referring to how Warren previously “bought or helped finance two dozen properties in Oklahoma,” according to the Boston Globe. Sanders, meanwhile, profited from his best-selling book “Our Revolution.” Warren quickly responded to Cuban assertions. “Even though it’s true I flipped homes in Oklahoma, the majority of them were on Indian reservations, and 90% of those properties were teepees.” Sanders also weighed in. “What Cuban failed to say, was a good portion of my books were given away to my supporters that want free stuff, because most of them don’t have jobs or even know how to read.”