BREAKING NEWS – Washington, D.C. – The Newsweek writer Jessica Kwong behind a story on President Trump’s Thanksgiving plans, has been fired, but is pushing back on the perception that the published story — initially leaving out that Trump was visiting troops in Afghanistan, but rather mistakenly saying he would be “tweeting” and “golfing” — was her fault. The story was certainly was a surprise to the troops, the public and the media — and some outlets were caught completely off-guard. Newsweek had to overhaul the article that it had earlier posted, which continued to incorrectly state that Trump would be playing golf and tweeting, even though his trip to Afghanistan had been announced. “I don’t understand why they fired me,” Kwong explained. “If I would’ve made these exact same ‘mistakes’ at MSNBC or CNN, I would’ve been praised, promoted, and probably given my own show.”