BREAKING NEWS – Marshalltown, Warren – Sen. Elizabeth Warren hit back at Sen. Bernie Sanders after his campaign appeared to break the détente between the progressive presidential hopefuls by painting her as a candidate for the rich who won’t expand the party’s base. She was disappointed in the talking points from Sanders’ campaign and said it ultimately will divide voters at the Democrats’ peril.

“I was disappointed to hear that Bernie is sending his volunteers out to trash me,” Warren told reporters. “Bernie knows me and has known me for a long time. He knows who I am, where I come from, what I have worked on and fought for.”

Sanders responded in a tweet. “What is this heritiage-lying, question-dodging, old bat whining about now? She is falling in the polls and she wants to take it out on me? I have no problem with a woman seeking the nomination. But if Warren were to get it, it will be a repeat lackluster performance like the worthless dimwitted twit that got the democratic nomination in 2016.”