BREAKING NEWS – Chicago, Illinois – Distraught Chicago officials complained to Mayor Lori Lightfoot — as looting and rioting swept through the Windy City — pleading for help and warning that the vulnerable had lost access to food and medicine.

According to a tape obtained by WTTW News of an online conference call among the city’s 50 aldermen and the mayor, one alderman could be heard weeping while others angrily decried what was going on in the city.

“My ward is a s–t show,” one alderman says. “They are shooting at the police.”

Lightfoot herself recognized what she described as a “massive, massive problem.” Earlier she described rioters as just f—–g lawless right now.”

“I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen s–t like this before, not in Chicago,” Lightfoot said.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez weighed in on the chaos in Chicago. “Personally, I don’t think they rioted enough because there are still some businesses that have not been destroyed,” the congresswoman explained. “And as far the vulnerable losing access to food and medicine, this only thins the herd for the greater good. For us socialists to survive and advance our causes, weak and ill people have to be sacrificed, that’s just the way nature is… ask the dinosaurs.”