BREAKING NEWS – Charlotte, North Carolina – Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, the first African American to hold the post and a rising star in the Republican Party, went after Joe Biden during his speech at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday night over controversial comments the former vice president has made about Black voters.

“I think often about my ancestors who struggled for freedom, and as I think of those giants and their broad shoulders, I also think about Joe Biden, who says, ‘If you are not voting for me, you ain’t black,’ ” Cameron said, paraphrasing an assertion Biden had made in May.

Biden responded using biblical references. “Black people who justifiably criticize me mainly because I am becoming increasingly slow in speech, should realize that I am in good company, because so was Moses when he first met God as in Exodus 4:10. This proves that I am an appointed messenger of the Almighty. Further proof from the bible confirming my mission, is the burning bush back then and the democratic run cities that are burning nightly all over the nation. And I think God will always protect me with elite troops like the ones he gave Moses on the mountain, that the Almighty referred to as the Ten Commandos.”