BREAKING NEWS Los Angeles, California – Rapper Ice Cube defended himself against social media attacks after the Trump 2020 Campaign thanked him for working with the president on his “Platinum Plan” for Black Americans.

Trump’s proposed “Platinum Plan” would include creating 3 million new jobs in the Black community over the next four years, the campaign says

“Facts: I put out the [Contract with Black America],” the rapper tweeted. “Both parties contacted me. Dems said we’ll address the CWBA after the election. Trump campaign made some adjustments to their plan after talking to us about the CWBA.”

The backlash started after Trump 2020 adviser Katrina Pierson tweeted, “Shoutout to @icecube for his willingness to step up and work with @realDonaldTrump Administration to help develop the #PlatinumPlan…Leaders gonna lead, haters gonna hate. Thank you for leading!”

Joe Biden responded to Ice Cube’s tweet. “Dude, what is your problem? Your attitude suggests to me that you ain’t black! I am urging not to lift a finger to help black people get jobs, because that is damaging the democratic platform. Besides, do you have any proof that the black people you’re trying to help, wants a job? Don’t force it on’em. Come on man!”