BREAKING NEWS – Washington, D.C. – Russia-based cyberattacks have targeted U.S. interests in recent months, which experts say is directly related to the upcoming U.S.-Russia summit.

The latest ransomware assault this week shut down the U.S.-based meat plants of the world’s largest meatpacker, Brazil-based JBS, and the White House said a criminal group likely based in Russia is thought to be responsible for the ransomware attack.

“All of this is Vladimir Putin’s resurgence strategy,” said former CIA Moscow station chief Daniel Hoffman, a Fox News contributor.

President Biden commented on the cyberattack. “Ok, Russia did it, so what. I am not like President Trump who consistently launched an aggressive counterattacks. Instead, I chose to do nothing. Russia can attack us all day long, I will not dignify their actions with any type of response or attempt to stop them. They can shut down our entire country, and I will not retaliate because I am not vengeful, I’m a man of peace. I believe that’s in the bible in one of those testament things.”