BREAKING NEWS – Washington, D.C. – The Facebook account appearing to belong to the woman who was charged alongside her Navy nuclear engineer husband with selling secret information about nuclear submarines to an undercover FBI agent is filled with liberal talking points on the Black Lives Matter movement and feminism.

Jonathan and Diana Toebbe were arrested in West Virginia, according to a criminal complaint detailing espionage-related charges. The government said Jonathan Toebbe sold information for nearly the past year to a contact he believed represented a foreign power, but was actually an undercover FBI agent.

The attorney for Diana Toebbe said he was not concerned about the charges against her. “My client supported Black Lives Matter, feminists, and she is still fixated on Donald Trump,” he began. “Those three things alone shows that she is extremely mentally unstable and has extreme difficulty in making rational decisions. The prosecution is no doubt going to want to argue that she should be wearing an orange jumpsuit, whereas I am leaning heavily toward a straitjacket.”