BREAKING NEWS – Washington, D.C. – President Joe Biden is being slammed on social media for clips circulating online from the 2020 campaign trail in which he blamed food shortages on failed leadership from then-President Donald Trump.

“We don’t have a food shortage problem — we have a leadership problem,” then-candidate Biden said in May of 2020 during a virtual town hall while blaming Trump for food shortages during the coronavirus lockdowns.

Biden added that if he were president at the time he would have “ordered the government to buy food from farmers and send it to food banks” and that Trump “failed to step up” by not doing that.

He also stated in 2020, “I’d harness the restaurant industry to help get food to those who need it and help get millions of laid off workers back to work and the job…this is not rocket science.” He has now reversed that position. “Last year I said it wasn’t rocket science, I now believe that it is. So, effective immediately I am going to have NASA fly tons of food into outer space, and when the rocket orbits over America, it will be parachuted down to each restaurant. I’m also going to contact the Navy, and order all of the admirals of aircraft carriers, to give every sailor a fishing pole, and send whatever they catch to U.S. diners that prepares sea food.”