BREAKING NEWS – Chicago, Illinois – An Illinois lawmaker is highlighting shootings and other violence in parts of the Chicago known as being wealthier areas and says those neighborhoods are being overlooked or deemed ineligible for state and federal violence prevention grants for having “too much wealth.”

Rep. Jaime Andrade, a Democrat representing the 40th District, took to Twitter earlier this week to highlight violent conditions in an area he compared to the “Wild Wild West”: Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood, where he says he and his constituents are faced with concerns for their safety amid gunfire and gang violence day and night.

“It’s just out of control,” the assistant majority leader told Fox News Digital. “On the other hand, the people who are financially well off that are getting robbed in these nice neighborhoods, it’s their own fault. Most of them came from the hood, and they should’ve remained there instead of arrogantly abandoning that environment, and selfishly focusing on succeeding.”