BREAKING NEWS – New York City, New York – Fox News Channel kicked off the new year as the No. 1 basic cable network from Jan. 3-9, 2022, as CNN saw staggering declines, shedding nearly 90% of its early 2021 audience in multiple categories.

CNN averaged 2.7 million viewers from Jan. 4-10 last year as the network experienced a brief post-election spike but plummeted to only 548,000 average viewers last week, for a stunning year-over-year drop of 80% of its total audience.

Fox News has now outdrawn CNN and MSNBC combined for 21 straight weeks. Attorneys for both liberal networks have now jointly filed antitrust lawsuits against Fox News, alleging that the conservative network refuses to air drab bland content with hosts that compulsively lie, which causes their “continuous unfair ratings dominance”. Legal experts have concluded that their lawsuit will more than likely get laughed out of court.