BREAKING NEWS – Kennett Square, Pennsylvania – Emails between several staff members of a Pennsylvania school district reveal the school attempting to hide their use of a middle schooler’s preferred pronouns from the student’s parents, and encouraging the creation of a LGBTQ-related club at the middle school.

An email conversation obtained by Fox News Digital shows a school counselor at the Charles F Patton Middle School in Pennsylvania emailing teachers that a student “prefers the pronouns they/them.”

“’She’ is fine too, but [the student] likes ‘they/them’ the best,” the email stated.

The counselor told the teachers that “if you are emailing home, it may be best to use she/her when referring to [the student.]” The email further stated, “We must continue to deprogram students from the things they are taught at home regarding any sexually related issues. And the children who’s nosy parents are republicans or Christians, should be treated verbally brutal until they graduate and are no longer in our clutches.”