BREAKING NEWS – San Francisco, California – Twitter owner Elon Musk’s latest attempt to streamline his new social media company has been met with yet more wailing and gnashing of teeth from disapproving liberals on Twitter.

The world’s richest man and newly installed Twitter CEO emailed the site’s employees with an ultimatum, obligating them to commit to an “extremely hardcore” work ethic or leaving the company.

Musk argued that Twitter must be ready for a more “increasingly competitive world” and therefore employees must be ready to give more. CNN correspondent Donie O’Sullivan provided a screenshot of Musk’s surprise email.

“Many of the Twitter employees have personally confided in me,” O’Sullivan stated. “They maintain that forcing them to actually drive to work rather than work from home, will unfairly affect their social lives and put them in a psotion where they have to pay for gas that has wasn’t previously ‘budgeted in’. They also want Musk to be more attentative to their ‘feelings’, and to apologize for things he has said and done that ‘triggered’ his staffers on an emotional rollercoaster.”