BREAKING NEWS – New York City, New York – Fox News’ Dana Perino had a lot of questions about the Biden administration’s vetting process after former Energy Department official Sam Brinton was fired for allegedly stealing two pieces of luggage at two separate airports.

“I don’t know about a previous record, but it seems unusual that at this age, you would all of a sudden start stealing luggage off of the carts in airports,” she said on “The Five.”

Perino added it’s possible Brinton lied about his past history during the vetting process in order to get the job.

“It seems to me there could have been, in this case, excitement about having the first of this and the first of that and the first [non-binary official], and you know, when he got the job, there was a lot of celebration. He did a lot of social media, and so he wanted attention,” she said.

Brinton responded to Perino’s assessment of him on Twitter. “Well, Ms. Perino couldn’t have been more wrong,” he began. “I never stole a thing in my past, and I only started stealing once I found out how expensive women’s jewelry and clothes are.”