BREAKING NEWS – Chicago, Illinois – In many states, gratuitous welfare benefits have made that childhood fantasy an adult reality. Professor Casey Mulligan of the University of Chicago found that some families can receive the annualized equivalent of a six-figure income with no one working – and you’re paying for it through your taxes.

During the pandemic, idled workers received unemployment “bonuses” so high that many were pocketing more than twice what they had been making on the job. Even without these extra weekly payments, unemployment benefits can reach unexpected high levels in many states. In New Jersey, for instance, a family of four with no one working can receive unemployment benefits equivalent to a job paying over $96,000. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders contacted the family, praising them for displaying the joy of socialism, and encouraged them to teach others to “game the system, by bilking every nickel you can from the federal, state, and local governments.”