BREAKING NEWS – Beijing, China – A Beijing hospital has run out of beds, forcing patients to rest on stretchers or lay on the hallway floors as COVID-19 infections run rampant in the country and stretch thin the public health sectors’ resources.

“We have no beds, we have no oxygen, and we have a room full of sick people waiting,” a health care worker in Beijing Chaoyang Hospital’s emergency room told the Financial Times ahead of Christmas.

China has watched as cases of COVID-19 spiked following the rollback of the country’s “zero-COVID” policy as the abrupt shift occurred without any increase in vaccinations. Instead, officials tried to simply bolster hospitals in anticipation of a new COVID-19 wave by establishing hundreds of “fever clinics” to increase testing. President Biden and Vice President Harris stated that they want China to send all of their sick citizens to America by the plane loads, to prove that they aren’t xenophobic and to secure their position as the stupidest two people in this country, since it was established in 1776.