BREAKING NEWS – Los Angeles, California – Prince Harry revealed in his highly-anticipated memoir “Spare” that his wife Meghan Markle misled viewers of their 2021 Oprah Winfrey television special about the cause of her falling-out with Kate Middleton.

During the Sussexes’ sit-down with Winfrey, 68, Markle made no mention of the “baby brain” remark. However, she did address rumors that she had made Middleton cry before the wedding.

In his memoir, Harry recalled that the Princess of Wales was offended when Markle told her she “must have baby brain because of her hormones,” according to Page Six.

The Prince went on to say, “I wanted to confront my wife on her comment, but after arriving in America, I was told it was never a wise idea to confront a black woman on any issue at any time, unless I had my bodyguard standing in between us in a karate stance.”