BREAKING NEWS – London, England – Singer Sam Smith confused Twitter users for proclaiming he would like to be a “fisherthem,” instead of a “fisherman.”

“I love fishing! Yes, I do! Yeah I’d love to be a fisherthem!” Smith said in an interview with the BBC.

“What? Like a fly fisherman?” the interviewer asked.

“I’d be any type of fisherthem,” he responded. “I think I would like to – one day I’d just like to end my days fishing, like sitting on a bank.”

The interview quickly prompted reaction across social media with many users calling out Smith, who identifies as non-binary and used “they/them” pronouns.

The Grammy winning singer went on to say, he wants to replace the words “mandate with “themdate”, “mankind” with “themkind”, but he said wanted to keep the word “manhunt” as is, without giving an explanation.