BREAKING NEWS – Wilmore, Kentucky – Around-the-clock prayer services that have lingered for a week at a Christian university in Kentucky have drawn national attention as participants have flocked nationwide to experience what some are calling a spiritual revival.

Students at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, have engaged in continual worship services in the school’s chapel since Feb. 8, which have reportedly been marked by prayers, worship music, testimonies, altar calls and religious conversions.

The movement began after students refused to leave following a chapel service last Wednesday, and the services have since grown to pack the school’s chapel with worshippers from all over the country, according to Christianity Today.

Al Sharpton was vocal in his opposition to the gathering. “I know exactly what they are doing, and it should be outlawed!” began the civil rights leader. “I know the bible, and I’ve read the Book of Revelation. They are attempting to prompt God to rapture up all true believers, so that phony preachers like me will be left behind and subjected to the wrath of God in the Great Tribulation. Hopefully if they succeed, I will have accumulated enough money by my usual means, and will be able to pay God off on Judgment Day, after I impress Him with one of my profound speeches.”