BREAKING NEWS – Baltimore, Maryland – A father of two young children hopes a lawsuit will lead to more transparency and improve student outcomes in Baltimore’s embattled public school system.

“I’m all for funding schools,” Jovani Patterson, told Fox News. “However, you don’t just keep giving money without investigation on where the money has gone, especially with the amount of corruption and misuse of funds that have taken place for years in Baltimore City.”

Patterson and his wife allege the school system misused taxpayer funds, reported ghost students — children not actually enrolled — in order to gain more funding, falsified pupils’ records to push failing students through to graduation and more. Their suit names Baltimore City School Board of Commissioners, city council and Mayor Brandon Scott as defendants.

Brandon commented on the pending lawsuit. “I don’t understand why Mr. Patterson is taking this matter to court,” he began. “What he has accused me and the school city of is 100% accurate, but we are doing the exact same thing that the school districts has been doing decades in Chicago. This proves that Mr. Patterson has zero respect for traditions!”